Since more than 45 years we build and develop the NAGEL-HAUS with almost the same team oft craftsman. They all work for companies out of the region, where the boss is part of the team and therefore high quality and a smooth workflow is guaranteed. 2 graduated certified engineers design plans and supervise the building process,the founder and director Dipl. Ing. (FH) Bernd E. Nagel and Dipl. Ing. (FH) Stefanie Heim. The son of the founder Alexander Nagel takes care of all the real estate affairs. Interior design is done by the daughter of the founder Dipl. Ing. (FH) Tina Nagel-Orschiedt.


The basic house is available in 3 different sizes and they all are very variable. You can change the room sizes, mirror the layouts and choose between several inclinations angles for the roof.


Included are the complete planning, construction plans and the building supervision. Garage or carport could be planned without any extra costs. We can also help finding land and help with financial questions.

Project flow:

The construction takes 8 months and will be contracted with you. Payments are progressive and depend upon accomplishments. No advance payments.

NAGEL-HAUS philosophy:

Construction must be quick and easy to keep the costs at a minimum. Living in the house must be simple and energy saving. Minor repairs inside and outside the house should not be a problem. NAGEL-HAUS meets all these requirements.

Living on one floor:

Means security and comfort for you and your children. The house is practical and convenient in every phase of life.

Healthy living:

Despite modern and efficient making we mostly use natural and healthy material. The government requires a high value of heat insulation which we do exceed with our materials.

We invite you to a detailed presentation in one of our model houses.
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